Sunday, March 13, 2011

Seoul Land

Seoul Land is Korea’s first theme park, with a beautiful scenery surrounded by Mt. Cheonggyesan. Seoul Land has an area called 'World Square' where one can glimpse traditional architecture and folk items from all over the world. You can view the traditional Korea at Samcheonri Hill, the western frontier at Model Land, and Fantasy Land. There are five theme based areas that make up Seoul Land. Seoul Land has up to 40 rollercoasters such as Space Cruise, Black Hole 2000, Galaxy Train, Rapid Current Ride, Magic Carpet, as well as Adventure Theater, Movie Theater, Story Land, and many more.

The pride of Seoul Land is its wide selection of seasonal festivals and the unique Laser Show held during the evening. Seoul Grand Park is situated on a very large field and holds various festivals for each season of the year. The Tulip Festival is held from April to May; the Starlight Rose Festival from July to August; the Chrysanthemum Festival from September to October; and the Snow Light Festival from December to February.
Seoul Land is a popular destination as it also contains Seoul Grand Park, Forest Bath Resort, National Modern Art Center and other great attractions nearby, it is a popular destination.

Operation Hours - 9:30 to 18:00~22:00 depending on the season.

Admission Fee:  Rates vary depending on what you plan to do there.  You can find all the rates at Seoul Land's English site.

Directions: Take Line #4 to 대공원역 (Seoul Grand Park Station) and go out exit 2.  You will see a big parking lot and path.  Just follow the crowd of people if you're not sure where to go.

Go along this path and you will eventually see the main entrance to the Seoul Grand Park.
  At this place you will need to purchase tickets to take the tram that will take you to Seoul Land's entrance.  The tickets are 800won/person.  If you want to save the money, you can walk there instead but I would recommed taking the tram because it's not a short walk.  This ticket is only one way so you will have to purchase return tickets for the same price on the way back.  Those tickets can be bought right outside Seoul Land's main entrance.

Seoul land will be the second stop on the tram car.  The first stop will be Seoul Zoo, so don't get off until the second stop.  You willl see the big signs.  When you get to Seoul Land, you will see ticket counters where you can buy your tickets.  In Korea there are many ways to save money on places to go if you know where to look.  That's one of the reasons why we have created this blog.  You can find great discounts.  Check out our Fun Travels page for discounts to Seoul Land to and other places.  Sometimes you can get up to 50% off admission tickets

Once inside there are many things to do and rides to go on.  Some rides we recommend that are a must are the Roller coasters, water log ride and the SKY X.  The SKY X is a mix between sky-diving and bungee jumping.  It takes you up 55 meters and takes you up to 80km/h when you drop.  It was a thrill.  Cost is 15,000 won/person, 20,000 for 2 people and 25,000 for 3 people.  Once again, there are discounts available if you bring a coupon.  Check to see if there are discounts available for the SKY X.

We are planning to go to Seoul Zoo sometime soon as well since we were able to get discounts on tickets there as well.  The directions will be the same except when you take the tram car, you get out at the first stop instead of the second stop.

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