Welcome to Fun Life In Korea! 

Here you can find information of things to do, places to see and things to eat in Korea.

I'm Canadian and my wife is Korean and we live in Korea.  We enjoy finding new places to go and new things to eat.  There is a lot more to Korea than just the normal tourist places that people usually go to in Korea.

We want to show you how you can have Fun in Korea.  Whether you are coming to Korea to visit or live in Korea, we hope this site will be helpful.

I didn't get the chance to really experience Korea until after I met my wife.  She really wanted to show me Korea so she always tried to find cool places to go to.

The problem with many Korean tourist sights is that they always show the same things and recommend the same places to go.  They always say its better if you have a chance to travel with a local in another country.  I'm lucky I have my wife to show me around and thats why we have created this site.

If you are planning to travel to Korea or are in Korea, feel free to contact us.  We would be happy to show you around, give you any information, book hotels or find great deals for you.

You can contact us at funlifeinkorea@gmail.com